Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sleep Interrupted

Sweet Marissa has transitioned nicely into her new and improved basement bedroom.  Princess Maren - not so much.  Granted, I have probably been a little lenient on the sleeping situation when the Captain is gone.  Who wants try to reason with a five year old in the wee hours of the morning?  Five year olds with bed head dragging their bunny down the hallway and smelling of sleep can be hard to resist.  So I give in. You would too.  Trust me on this.

And granted, we have been having a few storms in the late evening hours - right about bedtime.  Princess Maren does not like storms.  She doesn't get this from a stranger.  When I was her age (and much older I might add)  I would be on the couch right outside the door of my parents room faster than you could say lightning.  I take pity on her.  If it is storming she may gladly sleep with me.  I welcome the company, what can I say? We can whimper togther.

The thing is she is a cuddler. And she snores a little.  And she has the nerve to insult me while sleeping in MY bed.  "Mom - the hair on your legs is really sharp."  Hmm, maybe I would have the inclination and motivation to shave them if I actually got a full nights sleep. Sigh. And so it goes, another nights sleep  interrupted.

Then I remember a story my BSF leader told us about her husband and their daughter.  Every night without fail, their daughter would come to their room and ask for a drink of water.  And every night without fail her husband would get up out of bed and patiently get it for her.  She suggested putting a glass at the bedside, giving their daughter a drink before bed, and so forth.  Her husband wisely said he didn't mind because one day down the road she wouldn't need one anymore.  And he was right. 

So I'll just put up with the sleep deprivation, the snoring, the insults, waking up next to a bunny that has been drug across its share of dusty floors, because someday she will decide she is just fine on her own.


Mrs. E said...

So sweet. And so true! Darius Rucker has a song out called "It Won't Be Like This For Long." So true!

Kim said...

Max still likes to cuddle still...Kent and I don't seem to mind...
Cute hair Miss Maren!