Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mad Fish

We have a tween in the house.  Sweet Marissa is suspended in that awkward position of not being a child, but  still not yet a teen.  She will hit double digits this July so we have a few awkward years to go.  It is at times perplexing, sometimes trying, and sometimes quite charming.  As in the case of Mad Fish.

Sweet Marissa and Abby enjoy playing Barbies.  Yet, I think they feel a little uncomfortable with that.  Like they shouldn't like to play with them, you know, too cool for that. Or something.  So instead of calling them Barbies (they hate the name Barbie) they call them "Mad Fish".  I would ask Marissa what she did over at Abbie's that day and she would tell me they played "Mad Fish".  Say what?  Then she would would patiently explain that they played Barbies - like duh mom.  Why Mad Fish?

Because if you squish their face like this 

they look mad.

And if you squish their face like this

they look like a fish.

Mad Fish.  Makes perfect sense to me.  Makes just about as much sense as those weird pre-teen years (or the fact that I am taking pictures of Barbies and posting them on my blog).  I am glad they are using their imaginations and mixing in a little humor to go along with it.  Mad Fish.  You heard it here first.


Mrs. E said...

Where do kids come up with these things?! Too cute!

Ah, the tween years--argh! Once they hit teen years, I understood them again. I "get" teenagers. I was clueless in those years!!

@nnie said...

hi.lair.i.ous! creative too! i have heard a lot of things, but never THAT. love love it, and that you've documented it and you all will not forget it!