Monday, June 14, 2010


Do you know what today is?


Do you know what else today is?

It is The Captain and I's 13th Anniversary!  Happy Anniversary Baby, I've got you on my miiii-hind! ( name that that tune and the artist in five seconds) So he's on my mind, and that 's about it.  He unfortunately had to work today.  I am wondering if we can acutally count all 13 years since he has been on the road for about half of them.  Oh well, it's the life of a pilot wife for sure. 

He is always ready to pose for the camera and give me a silly grin.  Always ready to be the horse that takes Miss Maren to the bathtub when he is home.  Always ready to let Marissa kick his butt in Super Mario Brothers.  Always ready to let me drive off to Walmart to clear my mind after a long week at home.  Love you Honey! Wish you were here! 


The B Keeper said...

Happy Anniversary, Captain & IA Pilot's Wife.

@nnie said...

Happy 13th to you both! 13 years with one person I think is quite an outstanding accomplishment. (especially when that person is a pilot - or a coach!) ha! happy 4 u!

Mrs. E said...

Little River Band???? Happy 13th year to you and the captain!

Baloney said...

That's a bummer!
Happy Anniversary to you both. Lucky #13.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Nice work. I found your blog by clicking the “Next Blog” button on the blue Nav Bar found at the top of most Blogger/com/blogspot blogs. I frequently just “blog surf” to find out what others are doing in the blogosphere. I enjoyed the experience. Keep it going.