Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wogging. And Smirking.

I am on Week 3 of the Couch to 5K training program.  As I am typing this I am smirking just a bit.  I am so not a runner/jogger/ any of that.  I used to HATE. HATE. HATE. running the mile for our physical fitness test in school.  It was pure torture for me.  I have enjoyed taking a good brisk walk in the evenings - preferably in nice summer weather, but to be undertaking any sort of "training" for an organized event does make me smirk.

The Tulip Festival 5K is scheduled for the third Saturday of May.  According to C25K you are supposed to go from a couch potato to a 5K in just 9 short weeks.  That gives me plenty of time - I hope.  The Captain says he'll run it with me.  More smirking on my part.

The Captain has a history of leaving me in the dust.  When we were first dating, he was a big mountain biker.  Me, well I grew up riding my bike down our gravel road to my friends house.  This is Iowa.  Not too many hills and such.  Anyway, he would always say he would stay close, but he'd catch a glimpse of a challenging trail and off he'd go.  Can't say that I blame him and it really didn't bother me too much, until in one park we came across a sign to carry a whistle and blow loudly if you spotted a bear.  WHAT!  I think that was one of our last trail rides together.  I can give him a run for his money of the roller blades though.

I am excited and happy with how it is going so far.  I am not incredibly sore. Not really sore at all come to think of it.  I am hoping it will help me get rid of the last of this weight too.  Plus, it is just something I want to do before I turn 40.  I know a 5K, big woo, but I think I am going for what lies beneath all that.  I want to be a healthy 40 year old.  That may include giving up my Dt. Dr. Pepper - the one whom my soul loves.  This may be more challenging than any 5K - or marathon for that matter. 

So anyone want to come to the OC and run/jog/wog/walk with me?  Got the third weekend of May open?  Here's the plan.  I need a back-up plan if the Captain decides to leave me with the bears again.


Mrs. E said...

I am impresed. I'm thinking about doing a 5K, too-- probably in April. Two miles is enough for right now. (And I'm barely going to at 2 miles by the time of my fun run on the 13th!) I'm so glad to know a couple of other bloggers doing that training right now! Good job, Shannon!!

Craig said...

I pledge to be by your side, Honey, when I'm home, that is. And I will be home for your C25K. Can't wait!

Though I was thinking, since you're a 'bear' yourself (college dorm nickname), you would be right at home around other bears. Not so? Rroouuaaarr!

@nnie said...

Go Shannon Go!!!

P.S. I LOVE your new blog design. Adorable!!!

The B Keeper said...

Run BEAR Run !!