Friday, March 19, 2010

What is the Most Wrong with this Picture?

A) The fact that I am about to be strangled by the pastel yellow baby seat and my mom chose to take a picture instead.  I was a colicky baby. Maybe she thought I had it coming.

B) As an adult, my cheeks are still that big.  I should have grown into them by now.

C) What on earth possessed my mom to buy and then go on to actually display those fake "blue" grapes on her table as a centerpiece.  Seriously? I know it was the seventies, but those have to go.

I am going with C. Those grapes disturb me. 


@nnie said...

great great grapes. that is an interesting picture to say the least. lots to think about there. it did seem your mom was reaching out to save you with her other hand... just in case.... and i couldn't help but notice the banana and orange in the background. real or fake? at least they are the right color. the thing that is the most right about the picture is that I can look into your little eyes and see those of your two adorable kiddos.

Mrs. E said...

Everybody had grapes. My grandmother's had teeth marks in them! LOVE the picture! What a cutie!

Baloney said...

I'm going with A. :)
You don't look too near death, tho.