Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Shot of Testosterone

Every once in awhile we get the distinct privilige of watching my nephews.  It's a good thing.  Sometimes the girl drama is a bit overpowering in this household.  With the Captain gone as much as he is, the estrogen can get pretty thick by the time he comes home.  In the meantime, the boys come over for an afternoon and then get things back in balance real quick like.  And we can usually live on the testosterone fumes for a good month or so. 

This is Mason.


They look to be full of testosterone, eh?

We have had an ongoing Super Mario Brothers battle with the boys to see who could get to the Princess first.  Have to admit, my girls can hold their own when it comes Super Mario Brothers - Marissa especially.

Victories are that much sweeter when you can all join in the fun.

So after a little yelling, a little wrestling, a little farting and burping, a little jumping on the furniture, a little fierce competion, we are good on the testosterone.

Even Harry is relieved.  Living with us girls can be pretty tough.  No wonder he is so happy when the Captain gets home.


Mrs. E said...

Yep. Boys are just different creatures than girls, aren't they? (Harry is adorable! I'm trying to picture Baxter full grown!)

The B Keeper said...

Are you sure those are testosterone fumes ? Love the Wii to bring together all ages & kids.

Baloney said...

We could take care of that estrogen in about 2 seconds. Just farting? Not fart cannons?!

@nnie said...

Love me some testosterone in the air! :-) It is a scientific fact that it helps thin out the density of estrogen floating around. Gets our minds off our own problems and onto things like "I wonder why I hear a sound like glass breaking in my front room?" and "Why is that piece of gum lodged into the piano keys?" ;-)