Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This That and the Other

Even though we haven't had so much on the "official" schedule, it still seems like we have been running around like the proverbial chickens lately.  I just think we are starting to feel the ramp up to Spring and the end of the school year. Unless Spring never really does come this year.  See point number three.

Dad: After some ups and downs and close to 20 days in the hospital, we are planning on getting him home this week.  Granted, this was planned on before, but I think it may actually happen this time.  It has been a long haul, but I can't say enough about the care he has received at the hospital here.  His Dr. has been just great, the nurses more than patient and caring, and someday I will know why my Dad has been dubbed B-Man by Marsha and Shonda.

C25K:  I am on Week 5 and have to jog two miles by the end of this week.  Can you say fear and trepidation? I think I may have to repeat a few workouts.  Although I will say it has gone remarkably well so far and I actually look forward to my time on the treadmill. Good stress reliever from all the above.

Spring:  There are signs, but seeing the sun isn't one of them.  It has been so gloomy and cloudy and foggy, I can hardly stand it. I may have to jump into a tanning bed just replenish my Vitimin D supply.  I am serious about this.  Tommorow they say, might be the day for sun.  Oh please?

Sweet Marissa:  Marissa and I went on a shopping trip - just us - just she and I.  We had a darn good time.  I am vowing to make this a regular occurance.  She is growing up and how.  If there is one benefit to living out in the boondocks and having to drive an hour to the nearest Target, then this is it.  We got alot covered in that drive back and forth.  Fun!

O Husband, Where Art Thou?: Seems like the Captain has been gone a lot lately.  He had his checkride last  week (passed) so that kept him gone a little longer.  He has a week of vacation at Easter, so that will be a nice change of pace.

Insomnia:  Seems like I go through times of sleeping really well and then not.  Right now I am not.  Add the time change on to this and I am feeling a little draggy and sleep deprived.  I should have just gotten up at 3AM and written this post because I sure wasn't sleeping.  Might have to take a little snoozy today.  Should be easy considering number three.

What's going on in your world?  Hopefully sunshine and spring breezes and all that good stuff.  I'm jealous.  But my day will come.

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@nnie said...

gosh Shannon, I so feel your blog post... it seems I have been right there the last few months. Even when the sun was shining, I could only see the fog!!! The fog has lifted here in OK, and I am going to say some little prayers of renewal for a friend I think I have more in common with than I realized. And prayers for your dad too. That takes a toll on a daddy's little girl. Hugs!