Monday, March 29, 2010

BIG Tyeson!

Big Tyeson turned 4 last week...


This was the picture Tanya sent in the email invite.  She showed it to Tyeson who thought his red eyes looked really cool.  Hey, who needs red eye correction anyway?

This boy has some of the longest eyelashes around.  And some charming blue eyes to go with them - when they aren't red. And cool. Just can't believe he is already four.

What a goof.  He has two big brothers to keep up with and lets just say he can definitely hold his own.

See, there's Jackson in the background, almost ready to lightsaber his head off.  We had the party at Mom and Dad's so that Dad could join the insanity fun.  Doesn't he look good?  Prayer is powerful stuff.

Well, Nate and Tanya have their hands full.  Full of crazy, whacky, all-boy-all-the-time fun.  And a lot of love too.

May the force be with them. 


Mrs. E said...

He is adorable! In fact, that whole family is! I'm glad your dad got to share in the fun, too! Still sending blog love his way!

@nnie said...

how much boyness can one boy hold? wowzer, what a cutie. happy bday Tyeson!!

Baloney said...

He is a cute one!