Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's Not to Love?

Mizz Baloney was sharing the bloggy love last week.  She passed a little my way and have to say it was just in the nick of time.  Last week bordered on the side of chaotic, and my hate list seemed to have grown in direct proportion to the busy-ness.  Just to purge a bit, I hate getting spread too thin, prolonged snow events, dead car batteries, Parkinson's dementia, and paper cuts at the end of your finger that won't heal ( I hear you, Mrs. E!).  There. Feels much better. 

So to properly accept this award, you need to name 10 things you love.

God. Yes, yes, the proper culturally Christian thing to say right?  There are times I doubt It, doubt Him, doubt His love for me, but we have had a sermon series on Hebrews and it has really opened my eyes - and heart -to the incredible love and the highly detailed and intricate plan God has for us to be His. He wins me over every time.

Family.  Another pat answer, but what would I do without them?  The Captain, Sweet Marissa, Princess Maren and yes, even Harold, make my world go round. The Captain is trying to be mad at me here.

Sisters.   No, I don't have a sister.  But my daughters do.  I love it when they get to giggling together or whisper little secrets to each other.  There are four years between the M's and sometimes it does get a bit ugly, but mostly it's a good thing.  And yes, I do have two pesky brothers and I love them too.

Baths.  LOVE THEM.  I try not too.  My pasty winter skin is drier than a popcorn fart, but I love my nightly bath. The hotter the better. Please. And thank you very much.

Belts.  Yup, after nearly 10 long years of not needing them, wanting them, and frankly cursing them.  I have lost enough weight to need, want, and love the belt that came with my new smallest sized pair of jeans.

My iPod.  I am not a big techno geek. Don't crave the latest cell phone, blue tooth technology, or a GPS.  In fact that could be another small thing I love.  I like maps and finding my way with one. Hmmm,that reminds me, did I ever tell you about the Captain and I's flight to Denver and how we landed in Dodge City, KS? A whole 'nother post entirely. But, I do love my iPod.  I love being able to make a new playlist and putting any darn type of music on it in any and no particular order.  And it's the best piece of workout equipment ever invented.

My Parents.  The longer I parent, the more I appreciate my parents.  How did they do it so well?   Seems like they had much more organization, grace and patience than I seem to muster up these days.  They are in a rough spot now.  Chronic disease +  Chronic caregiver = Continual prayer.  I do love them both very much.

This recipe.  Wow. Made this the other night, and I thought I messed up. Then I tasted it and woo hoo doggie, can't wait to make it again.   Num Yummy.

My job.  Not wearing the rose-colored glasses here, because I have my moments of frustration, but generally I love what I do in Cardiac Rehab.  I have met some of the neatest people there and have enjoyed getting to know them.

Painting. No, no, not the artistic type.  The paint the wall home reno type.  There is something oddly therepeutic for me in cutting in at the ceiling and around the door and window jambs and then coloring it all in with a big fat roller.

Alone time.  I don't know if I love it, but I find that I need it.  The Captain has figured this out, too.  He knows he needs my alone time too. I need a little space, a little down time to get my thoughts in order, to have a little talk with Jesus, to regroup.  I have always been a little on the independent side.  Must be the lack of a sister thing. 

So thanks, Baloney.  It's a good thing to remember the love.  After all, LOVE day is right around the corner.  Hear that, Honey?


Mrs. E said...

Congrats on loving belts and the weight loss. I love alone time, too! Great list!! (And yes, it does feel good to get those annoyances out in the open once in awhile!!)

The B Keeper said...

Girl, you look great !

Cool pic with you and your cam-er-A !

Great list of loves.....