Monday, February 15, 2010

A Pukey Valentine's Day?

I guess that may as well describe it.  The Captain is gone.  We have about 3 more inches of snow and enough wind to go with that there is no school today.  And Princess Maren did quite convincingly manage to puke her delicate little guts out Saturday.  Poor thing.  She is much better today, so that is a good thing.  How much more vomit could a five year old (or her mother) handle?

I don't mean to sound bitter about the Captain being gone.  Being a pilot's wife for the past 9 years or so, I don't take much stock in celebrating holidays on the actual day that everyone else does.  We have plans for a lunch date at the Blue Mountain on Tuesday and I can already taste my Champagne and Huckleberry Vinaigrette salad (and guess what honey, I am going to have the salmon with it this time - aren't you proud of me?) It really is OK by me.  And considering the puking and the weather, we probably wouldn't have been able to do much this weekend anyway. 

Puking...seems like I have had my share for 2010.  I know, why write about this.  Baloney can do poo, so I am going to do puke.  Being a nurse, I have had my share of experience with it in general.  I really do hate it when the girls get the pukes.  I felt bad because Princess Maren told me her tummy hurt Saturday morning, and I didn't quite believe her.  This is usually her go-to excuse when she doesn't want to clean her room or pick up the basement.  Then she headed to the toilet and let her rip.  Poor thing.  So I did the mommy thing.  Held back her hair so she wouldn't get puke in it, held the cool washcloth to her forehead, and valiantly tried not to puke myself.  I managed to hold it back.

My dad also had the upchucks recently. He was in the ER, waiting for some test results and I swear I could hear it coming up from his toes.  He puked so hard he lost his dentures.  Really.   Lucky we had one of these.

These are great!   No need to have good aim, and everything is nicely contained.   Unfortunately the dentures floated to the bottom and I had to use some creativity and the large ER "hopper"  to retreive them.  These bags have revolutionized the nursing practice.  No more of these little numbers.

Seriously, whatever emesis you would be trying to catch would go down one side and up the other or would inevitably get spilled in all the hubbub of  your patient tossing their cookies.  The only thing these are good for is holding a patients tooth brush, tooth paste and lotion.  The end.

I think I am going to take some of those emesis bags home from work with me.  Marissa went to bed last night saying her tummy hurt.  I took her seriously and laid out a towel and the barf bowl by the side of her bed.  Wasn't taking any chances.

So if you were looking for a sweet lovey dovey Valentine's Day post, ya got the wrong blog. But if you are looking for a practical way to contain vomit - well, here you go.


Mrs. E said...

Well, I sure am glad I stopped in here today! ;) Actually, the puke bags are new to me. I've been feeling pretty crummy all day. No puke...yet! Keeping my fingers crossed!

The B Keeper said...

Eewww.... I agree with the very poor design of the "puke pan" aka emesis basis.

Such a fancy name for toothbrush holder. That's what I used them for.

We have a giant "icky sicky bucket". One of those large rubber dish washing pans. (no dishes are washed in it, I assure you....)

Hope everyone is better soon and the Captain is home safe and sound.

The B Keeper said...

drats.... B-A-S-I-N !

Craig said...

Yep, I've been flying for the last 'five' days, this one grumpily, but have had no passenger puke in a while. Those days are just around the corner, with early spring weather fronts in play. Shannon, I can't wait for our date with 'Salmon' tomorrow. That's great! Next: sushi! Love ya, CA Craig