Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things That Made Me Laugh Today

IA Pilot Mom: "What did you have for lunch at school today Maren?"

Princess Maren:  "We had popcorn chicken and mixed-up vegetables."

I will never be able to open a bag of frozen mixed (up) vegetables again without grinning.

Princess Maren has also had horribly dry hands with the below zero weather we have been having again.   They actually start bleeding on the tops of her knuckles.  The only thing that seems to help is rubbing them in with Vaseline at night.  So, being lazy, after a big night of the RED group at church, I asked if she could get the Vaseline out of the hall linen closet and I would rub her hands in. I asked her if she knew what container it was in and she says, " Yeah Mom, you mean the rectangular prism, right?" SAY WHAT? Did you know what a rectangular prism was in Kindergarten? I barely know what a rectangular prism is a few months shy of 40.

My Dad has been in the hospital again since last week Friday.  He had a pretty darn good day today though.  We can tell because he is getting kinda fiesty.  He has a love-hate relationship with the physical therapy team.  He calls them "the vultures" and in the next breath says, "and I'm the dead meat".  So mom went to see him tonight and he reported to her that the vultures were after him all afternoon.  "They stand there at my door and just wait to get me.  They won't even let me take a sh$#!"  Yup, Dad's feeling pretty good. 

Sweet Marissa had ITBS at school last week.  Between testing, as a little stress reliever, their class did some of this:

Just get up and try it! Better yet, try it with your two sweet daughters in the middle of your living room with a wild and crazy shih-poo pup running amok, and see if it doesn't make you laugh today.


@nnie said...

A much needed laugh! Thank you!
p.s. I think you've got a little wizard on your hands!
p.s.s. so glad your dad is feeling more like his feisty self.

Mrs. E said...

This was my chuckle for today!! Haven't tried the dance...?!

The B Keeper said...

Breaking out the bus dance 2-nite ! Needing a little pick-me-up round here.

Tell your Dad - that prayers are with him....and the vultures ! :-)


Baloney said...

Glad your dad has his humor. :)
I can SOOOO do the bus dance. I think it is funny paired with the praise/worship music.