Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How Lovely Are Your Branches...

We're lucky enough to have a small Christmas Tree Farm on the north side of town.  After the beautiful Thanksgiving weekend we had here, we were also lucky to find one tree standing on said Christmas tree farm.  Seemed like every car or truck I saw in town that weekend had a tree poking out of it somewhere. But find one, we did.

Here's the Captain, saw in hand, ready to take down that Charlie Brown tree looking mighty white pine we chose. Those girls cheered him on and appropriatly yelled their "Timber".

Then the nice farmer comes by with his tractor and flat bed with hay bales to sit on and gives a nice ride around the farm and back to the barn where they serve hot cocoa and shake out and trim up your tree for you while you wait. The girls loved the hayride.

Can you tell?

I think it's a new record for us.  We had our tree bought and up on the 30th of November.  November,
People.  Talk about shock and awe.

It's a little puny isn't it? The memories? Huge!


@nnie said...

puny? please.
i find it stunning.

Mrs. E said...

Your tree is beautiful! What a great memory you made! Oh, and I want those windows behind your tree! Beautiful!

Kim said...

Alright. Kent put lights up last night with the boys. I'm feeling the heat. I guess today is the day.

The B Keeper said...

Gorgeous tree ! Love how you took it with the lights reflecting in the windows. And I agree with Mrs E. I want them too....

Merry Christmas !!