Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things...

One of the things I really like about Christmas is the memories that come with it.  When decorating the tree or pulling out Christmas decorations, you can't help but think of Christmases past. 

Our tree seems to be a pretty good representation of The Captain and I 's life together.  It's always fun to take a little walk down memory lane while decorating the tree.

Of course, we have nurses.  Any sort of ornament which loosely or directly implied the nursing profession seemed to be the going gift for me for a time. This is one of my favorites.  I got this from my college roommate and dear friend Amy whom we called "Suer".  If you look carefully this nurse has "Bear" inscribed on her hat and that would be what Suer called me.  The meaning behind this is a whole 'nother post entirely. Pretty sure it had something to do with too much alcohol.

Here's another one.  Good thing I have patients, because I really don't have too much of the other kind.

And then of course, we have airplanes, actually lots of airplanes.  My mom was on a huge airplane ornament buying kick for her favorite son in law (also her only son in law, I might add). And she got a little carried away, me thinks.  I think I may have added a plane or two also.

The girls actually love putting the airplanes on the tree.  They sort of zoom them around a bit and find them a nice safe branch on which to land.

See what I mean?  This one's coming in a little high and I think there is something wrong with his landing gear. Watch out!

The next one is also one of my favorites.  I always like a little shiny with my Christmas ornaments.  That one looks like he's busting through the trees without a care.

Hallmark actually carried a series of airplane ornaments over the years when the Captain and I were first dating and then eventually married.  I think that is where Mom's weird obsession first got started.  They admittedly had some really cool and detailed ornmants in the series though.

Speaking of dating and marriage. Did you know the Captain and I met on a ski trip in Breckenridge Colorado?  Yup, we sure did.  I thought he was sort of cute.  He had applied his sunscreen  on his face all haphazard like and was burnt in areas and completly white in others. He looked like he really needed my help.  He also had nice eyes and a nice butt and I beat him playing cards on the bus ride home.  It was a done deal.  So this one reminds me of that time. Yup, and that is pretty much how I ski to this very day.

And moving on to marriage, it wasn't long after being married that I wanted a house of our own.  Begged, pleaded and whined for a house that first year.  Seemed so important to me at the time.  Now I think I was being a little impatient as mentioned previously.  So, the Captain cleverly bought me this house.  Good one, Honey.  So much better than the meat thermometer. Sweet boy.

 And you know what happens after love and marriage right?  Yup, the baby carriage arrives.  We have a large portion of our tree devoted to Christmas ornaments that the girls have made and brought home from school or church.  Love them. All.  We have angels and snowmen and reindeer.  Reindeer seem to be a popular theme in that age group.  But they always make me smile. Do you see our tree skirt in the background of the snowman with the crooked smile? That is also one of my favorite Chrismas things.  The Captain's mom made that for us one Christmas and it's nice and big and she is the seamstress I will never be.

Looking forward to making some more wonderful Christmas memories this year.  Here's hoping for the same for you and yours.

P.S. My Dad was transferred back to the local hospital.  He is still really weak, but glad to be closer to home and his family.  Thanks for all your comments and support and, of course, your prayers.


Mrs. E said...

I have that last ornament, too! (Actually, maybe 2 of them!) I remember the Hallmark planes. I loved them. I like your collection. Hope Dad continues to improve! I'll pray for that!

Craig said...

Nice butt huh? Well, I was bicycling a lot more then. Still can't apply sunscreen very well though. Nice post Cutie, butt(!) what about the light war? (White lights are best, gentlemen) In my wife's defense, however, she has given in to my colored light request in years past.

@nnie said...

Awwww... I love this post... love how the ornaments take you down memory lane. Makes me want to bloglift... such a cute idea. We have lots of teacher ornaments and basketball ornaments on our tree! Ha! And I enjoyed the story of how you and Craig met... if I knew that, I had forgotten. Merry Christmas!