Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Together Again

The caption on the back written in his mother's handwriting reads Easter '74 - 4 1/2 years old.
Yep - all three of them. All at once. Together.
The Captain has the unique and delightful characteristic of being 1 of the group of 3 - a triplet.
Isn't that sort of really cool? I think so.
Maybe this is not a professional quality photo, maybe a little worse for wear, and check out those seventies color coded PJ's, would ya? So that being said, let's play that game found on every kid's menu in every restaurant on a 10 hour road trip from Iowa to Tulsa. Can you find the things that are wrong with this picture?
You're right. There is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with this picture at all.
The triplets convened in Tulsa this past weekend - very bloggable I might add. There have been a few members added to the original Trifecta and it all makes for a bit of chaos and a whole lot of fun. Thanks for sharing some of that triplet magic.
Stay tuned...


Baloney said...

Very cool that he is a triplet.
Aren't you glad you only had kids one at a time, though?!
Were you in Tulsa too?

Kim said...

How cool. Our M's are the same age as we were in the picture. We do look like we are having a grand time. Just like the fun all the cousins had over Easter weekend. So glad God made you a part of us!