Sunday, April 5, 2009

All Things Beautiful

Did I say I snickered a bit and secretly laughed at my relatives because they got snow last weekend and we didn't? Well, you know what they say about paybacks. Yup, woke up to a winter wonderland this morning on April 5. What is up with that? Oh you say you live in NW Iowa - well that explains everything...

I really could not build up too much resentment and loathing toward the snow. Believe me, I tried. I have been thirsting, yea no, both thirsting and hungering, for Spring since September. But, it was absolutely beautiful. The girls and I oooed and ahhed our way to church this morning - each tree and bush just a bit more majestic than the next. Since it snowed, of course the Captain was gone, and therefore, our driveway remains and shall remain un-shoveled. I wish he had been here to see it though and yes, shovel it too, if I must be honest.

What struck me is that God can and will find a way to make all things beautiful. Blizzards in April on the surface should not be beautiful - but it was. Take my poor hydrangea bush that got buried in our first snow storm and remained freeze-dried under a snowdrift up until about a month ago. The sum of its parts look a bit shall we say "frazzled" for the experience - this not helped of course by this really bad and out of focus picture.

But if you look closer the bloom is still gorgeous. I love the antiquey looking paper thin quality of a dried hydrangea. How clever is God to think of that? In late summer and early fall, the hydrangeas around town are in full bloom and nearly falling all over themselves with the weight of their beauty. They are, as Maren might say, "beautifulerest". It might be argued that they are at the height of their beauty, the very best they can be. I personally might disagree.

I take comfort in knowing that when I am surely not at my most beautiful, my most talented (and I have been feeling that way a lot lately) - even when I am possibly the farthest removed from the person God created me to be - God will use me and somehow still make all things beautiful.


Baloney said...

I like your perspective.
I also like your storm. HAHAHAHAHA!

Pat said...

See, there is something about that karma stuff!!!!

Really, it was terribly cold here over the weekend, also. My tulips look like a lawn mower has run over them.

Looks like it has been a weird Spring for all of us. Take faith, we will just have to settle for Spring in our hearts.

Annie H. said...

Love the new blog look... is is quite beautiful as is your blog post. Needed that tonight.... feeling a bit frazzled myself by all the sadness in the world.