Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seven Signs of Spring in NW Iowa

1. Costumes. It's all about the costumes, baby. Spring means the girl's annual dance recital and the Tulip Festival. Dance and Dutch costumes required.

2. Farm equipment traffic jams. The farmers are getting the land ready to plant. Corn and beans and oats. Oh my. The John Deeres are in abundant supply. They are also doing some Spring Cleaning. I had the distinct privilege of following a "Honey Wagon" while on my way to Walmart the other day. This is not the honey bee made honey variety. Think liquid excrement of the horrendously stinky variety. Here's a picture. That will make the horror last longer. Thankfully they are not "spreading" as they go down the road - but they do drip a little.

3. Garage sales. This marks the weekend of the city wide garage sale held every Spring and Fall. We nearly double our population and there are Dutch people running amok all with the intent of getting a really good deal on someone else's junk.

4. Reflective white skin. We have had some nice weather here. Enough to get out the shorts. It is a sad thing to see exactly how pasty everyone has gotten over the long winter. There is a low glow emanating from the elementary school with the kids showing their pasty white legs. They could seriously give Edward Cullen a run for his money. Refer to my ghostly girls in their dance costumes. They look a little anemic, huh? But adorably cute anemic. There's a difference.

5. Street Sweeping. Yep, we get out the old street sweeper out here in these parts. Blame it once again on the weird Dutch gene. They seem to add to the aforementioned traffic jams in number 2. Remember the term traffic jam is used loosely in NW Iowa.

6. Parental Birthday season. My Dad's b-day is tomorrow. My mom's is May 2. Then there is Mother's Day. The Captain's dad's b-day is on May 19. Father's Day. Then July is Birthday month in our household. Both M's have birthday's in July. I must have only been fertile in late October.

7. End of the school year just around the corner. I have been out of school for 20 years now, yet I forget that I actually don't get the summers off. I get this expectant hope of a break and then I remember I am an adult and I still need to work through June, July and August. Let's get Obama on the line and see what he can do about that. That's a change that would do us all some good.

Happy Spring!! I LOVE IT!

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Amy A. said...

Maybe I should make the girls wear their costumes to school. I would hate for them to outgrow them before then get a few more wears in!!!

I will miss the tulip festival this year for sure.

Eat some sausejes and poffertges for me. (Oy, the spelling!)