Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter...It's Amazing

As aforementioned (been re-reading some Jane Austen) we were on the road for Easter 2009. We had a great trip! So, take me back to Tulsa (sing it... I'm too young to marry... now add a HAW! and you're good).

Also as aforementioned, the Captain is a triplet. It had been a mighty long time (HAW! - there you go, you got it) since we had all been together. That would be Chris and Kelly (begat Madisen, Rylie and Declan) Kent and Kim (begat Sam, Will, and Max) and Craig and Shannon (leave it to me to destroy the perfect alliteration of the triplets and their chosen mates) and we bagatted Marissa and Maren. (HAW!)

The cousins get along like butter. It really is amazing. There was no arguing, lots of bathroom humor, the Cha Cha slide, and bubble wands (aka light sabers) and no one tattled on anyone. The whole weekend. My girls are totally enamored with the Fabulous Niebuhr Boys. And Madisen and Rylie are held in awe and Declan just pretty much keeps everyone laughing.

Lots of family time going on and it was all good. We also met up with some of the triplets classmates down on Brookside to hear Paul Roper and his band. It did feel a little odd driving up to a bar in Brookside in a mini-van. Times have sure changed. Gotta respect the van though.

But, if you ever get a chance to see Paul and his band, RPM, play live, you should. They sound great! It is also great fun just watching Paul sing. He is in his element and he radiates pure joy whether he is singing U2, the Beatles, or whatever. We also had a great dinner with my friend Ty and her family. She also had two girls and it was giggles and giggles galore.

We all went to church together on Easter Sunday. I heard Jim's voice crack just a bit as he introduced his kids and grand kids. And that is the only context in which I can slightly understand Easter. Would I give up my life for Marissa or Maren? In a heartbeat or sooner if required. That is just the tiniest fraction of how much God loves us. I can get my head around that to some extent. Would I give the life of Marissa or Maren for anyone of you? No. That is the bigger part of how much God loves us. That part is unfathomable to me. It's an amazing thing isn't it?


Annie H. said...

You're right. It is amazing. And hard to fathom. One day we will truly understand. Blessings!

P.S. What an amazing get together of the triplets and their kiddos.

Kim said...

Oh, we know we belong to the land and the land we belong to is grand... so when we say, uh yip uh yo eee a we are only saying your doing fine Shannon Beaty!

Your a wonderful part OF US and now and forever more will own the pet name... "S"PECIAL "K"

Shannon said...


'Captain Craig' said...

Your last paragraph is dead on SG. That analogy using our precious girls hits me, it's hard for me to think about it that way. Thanks. God's sacrifice is so amazing it's unfathomable in everyday modern life, without tearing ourselves away from our distractions and confronting the idea in contemplation.