Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom's Day

Long time. No post.  I have been up to my pancreatic beta cells in diabetes education.  It took me a good two weeks alone to figure out how to pronouce thiazolidinediones.  (FYI:  thī-ə-ˌzō-lə-ˌdēn-ˈdī-ˌōn) The learning curve is steep - but that's a whole other post entirely. 

I have missed my little bloggity-blog-blog, so what better day than Mother's Day to do something I enjoy doing.  It occurred to me this morning as the Happy Mother's Day announcement was made in church, that I still first think of myself as the daughter.  I think of my Mom as the one to be honored and appreciated on Mother's Day.  And even though I have been doing the mommy thing for almost eleven years, I still feel like a newbie.  The learning curve on motherhood is rather steep also.

I had and continue to have a good teacher though.  When I graduated from college, I moved off to another state to live on my own, knowing only one other person there, learning a job where I could potentially kill people.  She and Dad let me go without too many tears (that I am aware of) lots of prayers (that I am aware of) and the hope that a tornado would not sweep me down the plains before I got back home again.  I learned an awful lot in the big 'ol world of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I learned to pay bills on time, clean up my own messes, and that I still wanted and needed Jesus in my life.  All good things. On the one hand, I want to give mom and dad a huge thank you for that.  On the other hand I want to say, "ARE YOU FLIPPIN' CRAZY?!!?", cause our girls aren't going anywhere until they are at least thirty!!! Okay, okay, how about a nice middlin' 25? Funny, how your perception changes. I guess I have a good eight years or so to learn up on this.

I sometimes think being a mom has much to do with learning the fine art of letting go.  Sometimes you hang on too tightly and your perceived concern for your child's well being seems to backfire.  Sometimes it is hard walking that fine thin line between permissible and benficial and you have to back things up a bit.  So with a little grace and mercy go I.  I consider it a blessing and a privilege to be a mom.  I love our sweet girls more than I ever imagined I could.  If they end up feeling the same way about me as I do about my mom, I think we will have done pretty well.  Love you, Mom!!


Mrs. E said...

I've missed you! So good to see pics of your mom--who looks to be a sweetie. (I'm with you. I can't believe they let you do that!!)

Baloney said...

This was very sweet. :)