Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting My Pucker On...

So. Really. These cheeks.  Resistance is futile. I had to kiss them all weekend.  Big Benny pretty much stole our hearts.  Talk about some cheap entertainment.

We ooo'd and ahhh'd over every little expression. He is just the best little guy as long as his milk was warm, diaper dry, and Harry was in view.  Who knew Harry could be such a good baby sitter?

The girls were really great help too.  They love their sweet little cousin.  I don't know how many times I heard them squeal "oh mom, he's so cute....". Even when we changed his diaper, Maren crooned "oh mom, even THAT is cute".  We had to have a little anatomy refresher on THAT.  And so it goes in a house with girls.  But we'll take Big Benny back any old time.  Kiss. Kiss.


Baloney said...

How sweet!!!

@nnie said...

I had to LOL when I saw that cute, round, soft, pudgy head of his! What a blessing cousin Benny is! And I have to tell you when I glanced at that pic of Maren, I saw a little smidge of her Aunt Kim! What cuties!