Thursday, April 14, 2011

Playing With the Boys

The BOYZ have been in the hood.  Hanging out with the GIRLZ. They play with the TOYZ. And pretend to leave FARTZ.  Ok, enough with all that.  Sorry.

We love it when the boys come over.  Oddly enough, Jackson and Maren are in the same grade at school, but they are about a year apart in age. You would think those two would play together, and they used too.  It's not that they don't like each other, but it seems like Marissa and Jackson usually pair off to get their Mario Kart on. The night the boys were over, Mason had a slumber party he had to go to, but he fits well into the Mario Kart mix also. Tyeson just turned five and he and Maren are big buds.  I secretely think it has a lot to do with the fact that Maren just enjoys bossing leading and at this point, Tyeson is OK with the following.

I enjoy having my nephews around - fake (or not so fake) fart contests and all. They make me laugh and remind me of growing up with my two brothers.  Living in the same small town, we see them often coming and going, busily rushing to the next event or whatever, so it was good to spend some time with them.

This weekend we get to watch Big Benny.  I'm getting all puckered up to lay some kisses on those cheeks of his.  And how.  

So how many of you, after reading this post's title, thought of this?

Yeah, me too.  If not, glad I could help with a little Top Gun eye candy.


Mrs. E said...

You crack me up! Plant some kisses on those cheeks for me! What a cutie! Enjoy!

The B Keeper said...

NO, I didn't think of that when I saw the title....but I am SO glad that you thought of that for me!

ZooWhee! That was a great movie!