Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sweet Marissa has baseball (softball) fever.  This is sort of a new development.  She has played softball before.  Last year she wanted nothing to do with it and tried her hand at tennis instead.  Now we are full on softball mode.  I think it must be the weather we are having.  It begs for a ball to be thwacked.  And loudly. 

She is strong and if she makes that sweet spot connection, I start to fear for my windows.  Is that covered by our homeowners insurance? Oh well.  I think it is great that she has this current obsession.  It is fun watching her.  Wanna see?

Looks pretty happy right?  We were at mom and dad's when this shot was taken.  Note we have combined the sports of tennis and baseball.  Bennis anyone?

She takes her hitting quite seriously. 

Keep your eye on the ball, Honey!

That a girl!  I personally think she has some unresolved anger issues. But what exactly does a nine year old have to be angry about?

Take THAT! Why does mom always make me clean the basement?

and THAT...  Why does my dog smell like such a...such a.... dog?

and THAT!  Why did I inherit my mom's pasty white leg gene!

Whatever it is, Maren ain't sticking around.  She might be next on the list.

I might have to get out there and hit me some balls myself.  Vent a little.  Take out some frustration.  But my legs are too pasty.  I don't want to scare anyone and  I am vastly entertained by all the above.

And it's outta here!  And so am I... gonna go find me a bat.


Vanessa Bartels said...

Great action shots! Reminds me, I need to get Elsie practicing batting, catching and throwing with her brothers in preparation for summer ball. Let's just say she inherited her mother's (lack of) athleticism and could use a little help! :-)

Baloney said...

Cute. I love to bat!