Friday, April 30, 2010

Just a Swingin'

It has been wonderful weather to be a girl on a swing.  We are up to our eyeballs in Spring. The Captain has the lawn looking pretty spiffy.  I found a cute little table at the thrift store that we can use to eat out on our deck.  Sweet Marissa continues to do her own sort of swinging.  Now I am fearing for my neighbors windows.  She hit one across the street into their bushes the other day.  Will our homeowners insurance cover that?  I thoroughly love Spring.  And what better way to spend some Spring than on a swing?  Princess Maren's got the right idea.

Way to cut off her head, Mom. But I like her expression.

I've heard of bed head, but would this be called "swing head"?

It's hard to take a picture of a girl on swing.

She almost kicked me in the head on this one.  She thought that was pretty funny.

It might be hard, but I think it is well worth any effort it might take.  Happy Spring!


Mrs. E said...

Cute, cute photos!! And yikes on the batting practice! Hasn't it been beautiful?!

Kim said...

Maren you are a Princess! Your mom did a great job hanging in there for that last pic.