Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break (sorta?)

We had just a teeny tiny Spring Break this year, so looking at our teeny tiny bank account and our teeny tiny amount of free time in our schedule we decided to make a teeny tiny trip up to the teeny tiny Iowa Great Lakes. 

My brother and his wife have a trailer at the lakes which are about a good hour's drive north and mostly east of here.  Understand that the term "lake" is used loosely here.  I am not even sure how the term "great" even applies if you are talking size. They are more like small water features in the grander scope of things. Now, if you are talking fun, well, that I can understand.  Anyhow, Don and Michelle let us use the trailer for the weekend - bless their soon to be new parents again hearts - and great fun did ensue.  Oh, and sorry we drank all your frozen margaritas and rum.

There were trails to navigate,

waters (might I add mighty cold waters) to wade,

leeches to kill,

and castles to build.

It really doesn't take much to entertain us.  We played a little softball and tried to catch some fish too, but not too much luck with the latter. It was so nice to get away for a bit.  No piles of laundry, no gutters to clean or windows to wash.  And we got to hang out together as a family.  This can be a rare occurence at our place so it always seems to be more special when it actually happens.

Speaking of entertainment, the Captain is entertained by trying to take pictures of me while I am not looking.  I hate having my picture taken and he knows this, but he does it anyway.  We'll name this one Honey, I Forgot my Sunglasses but not my Dt. Dr. Pepper.

We'll call this one Honey, I Still Forgot My Sunglasses and Now Would You Put Down that Camera.

Oh well, guess I have exploited him on this blog with some less than desirable shots of him in the past. 

Whoa! Would you check out that luminous glow on my girls' legs?  They put the pasty in white, let me tell you.  That's what a long cold Iowa winter can do.  Dreadful.

But Spring is coming.  Give this shot a good month or two and it will be nothing but lush and green and full of enough ticks to suck you dry.  Just saying.

There will be a boat in every slip and the dock will be too hot to walk on barefoot - nevermind the splinters.  Can't wait! I am good and ready for some summer.  How 'bout you?


Kim said...

Yea! I get to be your first (comment)that is! Did you get to read the itty bitty book, too?! What a great Spring Break you had (really). Where was Harry though?

Mrs. E said...

You first and last picture are amazing! But... you know I love the ones of you and the girls! Looks like a wonderful little break-- my kind of vacation. (Oooh and tell your girls that I have a matching set of those white legs here!!)

Dawn said...

Your vacation is a lot like our vacations!

Our itty bitty acct. is allowing us a long weekend four wheeling. I'd rather be at Atlantis in the Bahamas though. =)

I'm glad you all had a good time.

Oh,and you'll be glad your husband takes pictures of you someday. Or at least your kids will be glad. Moms aren't in family snapshots very often.

Baloney said...

Was sounding great til you said leeches. Eww.
The ticks are already out and about here in Oklahoma.
Michael and I have skin that glows as well. Pasty white people unite!