Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two Peas from Different Pods

And the two pods would be mine and my SIL Kim's.  The MM's always love seeing their cousins.  They especially love hanging out with the Fabulous Niebuhr Boys.  This becomes very apparent whenever they get together.  Our girls love to giggle, and the Niebuhr Boys have no problem coming up with the material.  It also becomes very apparent that Sam and Marissa are an awful lot alike.

Both very intelligent.  Both a little dreamy.  Both really good kids.

The freckles. The hair.  The eyelashes.

The bathroom humor.  The boundless silliness. If no one else gets it. These two will.

Sam, I was too lazy to send these pictures too your mom via e-mail.  Is that the height of laziness, or what?  So I put them here instead.  Just wanted her to know how handsome you are, but she probably knows.

Can't wait for Tulip Time!!


@nnie said...

they could be brother and sister, what great genes! Don't you just love it when the cousins have a bonding moment? And then spit on each other and run? Keep soaking it in!

Baloney said...

I love this post!! Nothing like family bonding... and potty humor is the glue. :)

Mrs. E said...

They are adorable together! And I love the freckles! (My sister calls them 'sun kisses'!!)

Kim said...

Thanks, SIL! Oh, how they get eachother! And yes, we are all so looking forward to Tulip Time!