Monday, January 4, 2010

Observations Around a Dining Table

We braved the four foot drifts, the sub-zero temps and the un-mentionable windchill here in Iowa and meandered down to Wichita and Tulsa for a nice post Christmas visit to the Captain's family this past week.  Roads were actually good both ways with the exception of an irritating little snow storm that followed us home from Topeka northward, until we were about three miles from our house.  There was nary a flake on the windshield once we drove into town.  Go figure.

We had a great time! The girls love seeing their cousins and how lucky are they to have all their grandparents plus four of their great-grandparents alive and well.  They do get a little confused as to who belongs to who and "where do they live again"?  So getting some actual face to face time is always a good thing.

I had to laugh as I downloaded pictures from the trip.  The Captain and I bought each other a new camera for Christmas and it has been fun experimenting and going through the pics.  I think the Captain had it in continuous shoot mode or something with these shots.  Here we are getting ready to strap on the old feedbag.

Note the three blondes stairstepped down the upper left.  That is my SIL Kim, and my MIL Mom Pat, and Mimi.  I am thinking that gene pool is a very strong and lovely one. Good gracious.

Hmmm,  do you think Maren could love Max any more than she does right here?

Well, apparently Maren does love Max just a little bit more.   Honey, please leave his neck intact.

I think those Niebuhr boys love their Papa Joe just a bit too.

And why is that lady in the black squatting?  Doesn't she know there is no one behind her? DUH!!

Maren - his neck- he may need that some day.

Kent?  What ARE you doing?

I think this is where Kent said, " Hey, can we eat all ready!!!

Yep, pretty sure that was it.  Kent stayed in a low and ready position to keep himself closer to the food.  He was the Food Guardian.  He's in the military. No one messes with the Food Guardian.  In the military.

One thing we can all agree on.  Don't play charades with the Captain. RIGHT?? (shake shake shake) Stick to the day job, Honey.

Thanks for the great time and the hospitality!  We had a lot of fun - charades and all!


Mrs. E said...

Love your photos! Your camera takes great pics--I'm jealous! Looks like you had a lot of fun. So glad you made it through the snow and crummy weather!

@nnie said...

why do these pictures make my insides gurgle up and cause a laugh from deep within me? Maybe it's because last time I saw Max I wanted to squeeze him like Maren did. He is the CUTEST thing. Or maybe I'm imagining what comment is coming out of Kim's mouth at this time. Or possibly it's that lady in black squatting in back of the picture. What IS she doing anyway? ;-)

Baloney said...

How fun!

Kim said...

I saw the picture of us on fb and wanted to comment on how cute Maren and Max are... It was The Right Stuff (Shake, shake, shake)