Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Cold Was It?

It's so cold my blankets were trying to crawl under me~CNN

This was one of my friend's status posts on FB this morning.  She lives here in town and this is so very appropriate for today.  My is cold.  And snow.  We have snow up to our eyeballs.  I kid you not.  And wind.  Bone chilling, mind numbing, booger freezing wind blowing the snow up to our eyeballs and beyond. And I just have to wonder why in the world we live in Iowa in the winter.

When I was young, I remember winters with a lot of snow.   We had gigantic snow drifts to tunnel through and sled down.  I used to think that was only my perspective.  I was shorter then.  In recent years it didn't seem like Iowa was capable of producing that kind of snow anymore.  I was wrong.

I'll just take you on a little tour around town.  Not that the pictures do it justice.

Main street.  Not too bad.  Atleast there are some cars out and about.  Have to say the city crews have done a great job keeping the roads clear.

Kids playground.  Hate to think how muddy and dirty they will be in the Spring.

The basketball courts are under there somewhere.

Church parking lot.  Think they have a bit of snow to move before Sunday morning services.

Have to say it is a good day for sundogs.  Caught these two (can't see the one on the left) playing out by the airport.

See all that stuff flying around in the background.  That would be a blizzard.

This is the road heading south out of town.  I don't know how well you can see, or in this case not see, but the road ahead seems to disappear into a whole lot of nothingness.  Pretty sure that is why we had no school today.

And this would be our street.  Sorry about the wiper in the foreground, but I was not about to get out of the car.

The neighbors.  I am afraid one morning we will wake up and find their house completely buried.

Like our mailboxes.  Who knew getting the mail could be such an adventure?

Whoops! Maybe the Captain should have taken the bench in. Don't think I will be sitting our there for awhile.

Just when I think that deck railing couldn't possible hold more snow, it does. 

So that about sums it up.  How did you like that for a nice warm feel-good type of post? 

I'm just a little bitter.
Need to go make me some hot chocolate.


Mrs. E said...

Wowsa! You have been dumped on! We have a skiff of snow compared to you. I love a change of season--but I could do without the bitter temperatures. I'd like to play in it!!

Kim said...

SWM are dreaming of snow tunnels and forts! Kent is just sure there are small children or animals hidden under the white walls of fluff. Wow. There was no school because kids would go missing till when...spring?!

@nnie said...

OMG. Seriously. That is amazing.

Here in Oklahoma, it is 17 with a wind chill and a bit of leftover ice on the groud, and THEY LET SCHOOL OUT. Today AND Tomorrow. If only we had a little of the Iowan grit.

@nnie said...

p.s. just got a second look at that deck railing. that's a feat only nature could complete.

Baloney said...

My dogs get muddy from the snow melt every time they go outside. I'm not a fan of snow. :)
But it is pretty!