Monday, July 20, 2009

MMM, MMM, Good (or Bad?)

We had chicken noodle soup and cinnamon rolls for supper (yes, we have supper here in IA for our evening meal). What's wrong with this picture (besides the disproportionate amount of refined carbs in relation to green leafy vegetables and whole grains)? I do not eat soup in the summer as a rule. Summer is for salads and grilling and mouth-watering fruit and the occasional bowl (or two) of ice-cream. Not soup.

This wasn't even a fall-back meal. You know, what can I dig out of the fridge (oh hello, you cold slushy DDP, you) and throw it all together kind of meal deal. This night called for a desperate and bona fide search for comfort food. It's another cool drippy night with temps in the mid-60's and unfortunately, the perfect night for soup. For Heaven's sake. And it tasted good. In July. The 20th of July. What gives?

Now I need to go get the kids suits and towels ready for swimming lessons in the morning and go throw on the flannel PJ's.


Anne said...

You know- people travel up north to get away from this blasted 100+ degree weather we have down this way. So try to enjoy the soup and flannel PJs! Sounds cozy to me, even if it's July. :-)

Shannon said...

Maybe we should trade houses for a week Anne...I could go for some 100+ seriously...