Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And Away We Go

We finally figured it out. I like taking walks in the evening. I have tried to make myself get up in the morning and walk, but seem to be a night owl in all things. The problem was trying to figure out how to take M and M along and still feel like I get a good work out without having to referee or redirect traffic along the way. Seemed easier for me to just wait til the Captain got home and go on my own, but as the Princess Maren said tonight, "Mom, you have a nice tan, but your legs are still kind of floppy". Thanks sweetie. Obviously, I need to get out there every night, and by golly, I think we've got it.

Marissa's mode of transportation is rollerblading. Princess Maren gets the bike, and I walk. It works out perfectly. We tried all riding bikes together, but that left Marissa bored, Maren crying because we were going to fast, and me just completely frustrated in the low granny gears. Marissa has definitely inherited her Daddy's biking gene. The only speed she seems to know is full tilt. The Captain used to be a big biker back in the day, mostly mountain biking, but a some road biking too. Maren is a little more tentative on her bike. More like her momma that way.

As much as I mocked the weather in my last post, I have to admit this night was perfect. We live about two blocks from the golf course here in town. They have a nice paved walking, biking, rollerblading (how convenient) trail that once you loop around adds up to a nice 2 and a half mile jaunt. I think we saw and heard all things summer as we made our way around. The thwack of a nicely hit shot on the back nine, the reverberation of the diving board being cannonballed, and a boy's joyful noise as he pulled a nice size fish out of the catch and release pond. We saw three baby rabbits, the Howe's mini-horses were up by the fence waiting to be petted, and by the time we hit the driveway the fireflies were out. Perfect.

I was worried about the girls making it the whole way, but they did great! The trail also has three strategically placed benches along the way. The girls would get ahead a little, rest on the next bench and by the time my floppy legs caught up with them, they would be ready to go again. Hopefully the girls will be up for the adventure again tomorrow night. I need the exercise and as quickly as the girls went to sleep tonight - I think they need it too.


Baloney said...

Good for you! I keep thinking we should walk our dogs every night, but it's still a rarity.

Anne said...

For years, I waited until "Daddy got home" to do important things, until I finally realized that wasn't working so well for me. There's no time like the present - you go girl!!