Monday, August 30, 2010


No, not that NKOTB.

That NKOTB must have been a little past my screaming teenage groupie years.  I could never quite understand the appeal.  But then again, I serioulsy loved Milli Vanilli, so my musical taste should be openly criticized and questioned.

We have a much cuter NKOTB. Meet Cowboy.

He is our neighbor's new little Chorkie (chihuahua- yorkie mix) and he is just about as rootin' tootin' cute as can be. The girls are utterly charmed.

Harry is too.  They have already had their first play date.  All the butt sniffin' you could ever imagine.  My word.

Hope this block's big enough for the two of them. 


@nnie said...

LOVED Milli Vanilli. STILL remember the betrayal I felt. And NKOTB were never my thing... I think maybe I was just a couple years too old to fall into that trap. A cute post and darliing puppy. Hope everybody is all WAGS.

Baloney said...

I saw Milli Vanilli in concert at Six Flags on Senior Night (all high school seniors in the area). Girl, you know it's true.

Mrs. E said...

Oh no. I need to stay away from the cute pets on your blog! You know that Harry is the reason for Baxter! What a darling mix!!