Friday, July 23, 2010

MSP: Day 2

Friday, we slept in and then went for breakfast at the Salty Tart. This is a story of hometown girl done good.  Michelle was one year ahead of me in school.  She was always pretty fun, creative and definitely unique.  She could pull off all those crazy 80's fashion trends and somehow it would look just right for her - in a good way.  Anyway, she became a pastry chef - big time.  This past year she was nominated for a James Beard Foundation award, which is the foodie equivalent of an Oscar, pretty much.

I had read a bunch of her reviews (which were all raving , by the way) and I guess I am a bit of skeptic.  Could it really be as good as everyone says?  Oh My. Yes it was.  I had a chocolate chunk scone.  The Captain had some sort of raspberry butter tart.  The girls had a passionfruit filled cupcake and chocolate chip cookies.  And then we went back for more.  We bought a baguette to take along to Como Park (our next stop) thinking we would eat it later in the day, but it was seriously gone before we even pulled up to the park. Everything was delish.  In some ways it was simple everyday food, but the complex layers of texture and flavor were out of this world.  I swear Michelle pulls little pieces of heaven from her ovens.

I am wiping the drool from my computer just thinking of it now.  I would have taken more pics, but we ate everything too fast. 

After snarfing down that baguette, we though we were energized to hit Como Park Zoo.  The energy lasted about 2.2 seconds.  It was so hot!  I couldn't help but think those animals were just too heavily haired.  And polar bears?  In 90 plus degree heat?  They had to missing their natural habitat.  We didn't last too long at the zoo and we won't mention the Princess Maren's blister inducing shoes.  Sigh.

So, back to the hotel to regroup.  The Captain and Marissa were off to the Twins game and Maren and I were off to IKEA.  It was a win win situation.

Speaking of winning, the Twins also won that night against the White Sox.  The Captain treated Marissa to the whole experience.  The took the train from the hotel to the game downtown.  They came home with their souvenier caps.  Marissa was pretty certain she had never seen so many people in one single location in her life.  I think she was right.

The Captain says the new Target Field is a beautiful stadium.  I remember going to pro games when I was groing up. Good memories to be sure.  I know it will be a keeper for  both the Captain and Sweet Marissa both. I have good memories of IKEA too. : )

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Amy A. said...

Looks like you are having a fun vacation!!! Miss you!