Monday, July 5, 2010

6 on the 4th!

We had some serious celebrating to do yesterday.  Our sparkly firecracker baby turned six.  Yes. Yes. I know. I can hardly call her a baby anymore.  But she's MY baby. 

We brought a birthday lunch over to my folks. Slop-sloppy joes (or taverns as we call them here in IA), chips, fresh fruit, veggies and dip, cupcakes, brownies and great day in the morning - homemade ice cream. Love that homemade ice cream.  Opened her gifts.  ZHU-ZHU pet, LIV dolls, (plural) flip flops, (too big or not too big with a large discussion on the pros and cons of flip flops to follow) new sparkly markers (how apropos) and a journal, books, and cold hard cash from Grandma GiGi. Life is remarkably good at six. Here she is making her wish and checking it twice.

The birthday girl and her big sister spent the afternoon playing with the plural LIV dolls. Princess Maren was in heaven.  Sometimes it takes a little cajoling, bargaining and frank manipulation to get her preteen sister Marissa to play with her these days.   Yesterday was not one of those days. Who knows, maybe six year old birthday wishes do come true?

Then off on a family bike ride to Mr. Movies.  We picked out Alice in Wonderland  - the new version - with a little trepidation on my part.  Tim Burton is just so out there.  But the newly bonded LIV girls prevailed.  And yes it was weird - very weird - but charmingly so.  At one point in the movie I asked Maren if it was too scary and she said "Yes - but I love it!" and she snuggled in a little closer.  A momma can't argue too much with that.

We hemmed and hawed about going up to the lakes for the fireworks, but since we can go local tonight, the drive and the crowds and the logistics just seemed too daunting.  Have to say we enjoyed our low key day and Miss Maren confirmed that "it was the best birthday ever". Happy Birthday Maren!! Love you so!


@nnie said...

Great sparkler pic. I absolutely love it! And hApPy BdAy to Maren! She is soooo beautiful!

Baloney said...

That first pic is amazing!
Happy birthday to Maren. I'm so glad she had a wonderful day. :)