Monday, June 8, 2009

The Clean Machine or the DHS Report. You Choose.

Someone should report me to the Bad Momma Bureau. I fear I have taken advantage of my oldest child. BUTTTTT, she did say she was bored (Already? Are you kidding me?) The basement was really dirty. She too must have some of the weird Dutch gene lying latent deep inside her that I need to awaken within her.

Last fall we got a new vacuum. Not for my birthday or anniversary or even Christmas(remember that meat thermometer, honey? Nuf said. ) Just felt the old Oreck had paid its dues, and so I bought a Kenmore brand that came highly ranked from Consumer Reports. (The Captain likes Consumer Reports, so I knew that would increase the likelihood of me getting a new vacuum. Worked like a charm.) Anyhoo, it's given name is the Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum with Inteli-clean System in Slate Blue (but we just call it the vacuum for short) and it has this little sensor on it that lights up red when the floor is "dirty" and it then turns back to green after it is "clean". I personally think it's sort of hokey, but after showing it to Sweet Marissa (why didn't I think of this earlier), she thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

She spent about 2.7 hours vacuuming the basement.
Remember, we have some serious seventies action orange shag down in the basement. She would go for a bit, suck up some Barbie fodder, and then stop and wait until the light turned green again. After about 40 minutes, I took pity and did stop her and tell her she really didn't have to wait on the intelli-sensor to do its thing, but she was in her element. Lights, gadgets and gizmos are her deal. I think she gets that from the Captain. As a baby she had a flashing lights and drive you out of your mind noisy Fisher Price cell phone toy that was her absolute favorite. She has always had a knack for the computer. She consistently kicks my hiney in Mario-Kart (the Captain's too I might add) and sometimes I even secretly practice after the girls have gone to bed. Secretly.So, I think I have the softest, cleanest, shaggiest, intelli-sensored, orange carpet in the tri-state area. AND, I am pretty sure Sweet Marissa will not complain of being bored again this summer vacation. Don't worry, I paid her well. She is saving her allowance for a NintendoDS. Go figure.
Now, gotta go practice the Mario-Kart. Watch out Rainbow Road!


Baloney said...

Oh no. You too? Michael is searching for chores around here because all he can think about is the Nintendo DSi he HAS to have. He's not very patient.

He pushed the vac around my whole house the other day.

Kim said...

I love it! The light makes it fun, Mom! You're a Super Mom!

Annie H. said...

I HAVE GOT TO GET THAT VACUUM. I mean the Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum with Inteli-clean System in Slate Blue. They should change the name to the Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum with Inteli-clean System in Slate Blue that Inspires Children to Clean for 2.7 Hours.