Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flat Balonies (or is that Baloni?) in FL

We took Flat Baloney to FL with us. Actually we took several Flat Balonies. (Baloni - I think would be plural, yes? ) I copied off a Baloney for each girl to color on the way to Minneapolis. They had great fun I might add. Sweet Marissa did a tennis theme. Maren's sort of looked like a Baloney in footed pale green and pink pajamas - not really proper FL beach attire, but cute regardless. Kept them busy until just north of the Minnesota boarder - so I was way happy with that. If you ever take Flat Baloney with you anywhere - she comes to you nekkid, just FYI.

Here's Marissa's Baloney after a game of tennis. She and her tennis pro got really sweaty after their match. She needed to cool off in the shade of a palm tree on her striped beach towel with some water. She kept asking for something stronger to drink, as is her nature, but I told her to pipe down and behave - this was a family vacation, and it was only 10 AM.

Here she is at the pool, catching some rays, in her teeny weeny red bikini. If you ever read Baloney's blog, you know that she is a red HAWT, Okie Mama. It's true, she's been nominated and that makes it official. HAWT, I tell you.
Who wore it better? Baloney or Kim?

Yeah, I thought so too... (is that butt for real?) FB is way HAWTTER.

She finally flagged down a waiter and got her something stronger to drink. That Flat Baloney...

And here she is... oh wait a minute, that's Amy, the turtle from the Nature Center. Amy, how did you get in there. Oh, you were looking for a waiter too , huh? It was pretty hot that day.
At the ocean, hmmm, she must have gotten too much sun, her face is starting to peel.

So thanks for joining us Flat Baloney! You were a hit! The Princess Maren asked me at least 5 times on the flights home if I had another Flat Baloney for her to color - she unfortunately left hers in the barf bag on the flight from Minneapolis to Charlotte, me thinks. Next time, I'm just gonna take along a whole passel of 'em. Thanks, Baloney, for the fun!! Now I am going to go to bed with the Oscar Meyer Bologna song in my head. My Baloney has a first name....


Anne said...

That Baloney gets around!!!

The B Keeper said...

That's hysterical !!

Baloney said...

Oh boy! I went to Florida!! And I thought I would miss the beach this summer. Was this Captiva?
Thanks for ratting me out. Clothes are too constricting and I only travel nude. :)
I loved your post. Thanks for taking FB along! And an extra big thanks for picking someone with a bigger bottom than mine to compare with.
I never wear bikinis and I was feeling a little exposed. Ha!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Flat Baloney is one hot momma blogger but you have to watch her like a hawk to make she stays out of the hootch and keeps her clothes on.