Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Recital(s)

Maren's first piano recital: (notice how she is trying to cue her teacher...hmmmm.)  Princess Maren you did a GREAT job! So proud of you!

And here we have Harry's first recital. The first one caught on video that is.  He does it every.single.time. Lizzy comes over.  I think her sweet little high pitched giggle gets him going. Silly dog.

And only four more recitals to go.  Marissa has two viola recitals to perform at and Maren has two dance recital performances to do yet.  Whew!! Is your May this crazy? I might be howling at the moon just like Harry by the end of it.


Pat said...

Great catch by the skilled photographer ...love the girls' laughs.

Kim said...

Just thought I would stop by...miss you hope your family is enjoying summer!