Thursday, December 1, 2011

When Lizzie Comes to Play

When Lizzie comes to play there's usually lots of silliness going on.

Toys and dress-up clothes get drug out that haven't been played with in months.  There's usually lots of imagination happening too. Maren loves to have her around.

 So does Harry.  He has this weird little half yelp, half whine that he only does when Lizzie is around.
Lizzie likes Harry too.  I always haul out the camera and take lots of pictures.

Sometimes she has to tell me to stop. Like in this picture.

But, I can't resist.

The subject matter is just too cute.  At a time when Princess Maren seems to be growing up so fast, it does my heart good to see her act like a little girl again and who better to do it with.  Play dress-up, play store, and watch Nemo.
See you next time Lizzy!


Mrs. E said...

Love these! Both girls are adorable. I love the imagination of little ones! (Love Harry, too!)

Baloney said...