Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Funny Valentine

Awhile back when we moved Marissa downstairs, we also moved the Captain and I into the front bedroom and Maren to to the back bedroom.  The front bedroom shares a wall with our TV room and when the girls were in that room we could never stay up and watch a movie at an appreciable volume level without waking them up.  The front bedroom also had a nicer walk-in closet.  Bingo.

The problem with this closet was the way it was organized.  It just had two small, short areas for hang-ups on either of the shorter side walls.  The longer back wall had a shelf, but no place to hang things.  Talk about wasted space.  So finally this weekend, after about a year or so of cursing the mismanaged space, we remedied that situation.  Well, I'll say the Captain mostly remedied that situation.  I would walk in, cough, sneeze, drill a couple holes, look pathetic, cough and go back to sit in my recliner.  Repeat. Looked something like this. Why I am taking pictures of my closet is a little beyond me.  It's what we do here in Iowa in the depths of winter?

Anyway, here's the before: (forgot to take an actual before picture with everything still hanging in the closet, but I'll be darned if I was going to hang them back up again)


And the after.  Isn't it beautiful. And organized. And beautifully organized.  Sometimes I go sit in there and shut the door and quietly talk myself in to thinking that the rest of my life is as such.

Here's the Captain's side.  As seen by his little Captain's hat up on the top shelf.  What a stud.  But do you see that bright purple sleeve hanging there on the left?

Here it is again.  Guess what that sleeve is attached too?


That he bought for himself.  Pretty sure that makes him undateable. He also occasionally wears socks with sandals (black socks even), has a pair of jorts (think I bought them for him), has a cell phone protector on his belt, wears shiny pointy black shoes to work, and owns a speedo (tells me he used to be a "swimmer"). Undateable, and then some.

But, that does make him mighty fine marriage material.  Thanks for the closet, honey!! Thanks for taking care of things when I was/am sick! Have a good trip and see you soon! 


Mrs. E said...

You're right-- undateable! But, oh so funny! And I have to tell you--Baxter and Harry would be great friends. And Harry's snow pictures are when I fell in love with Shihpoos!

@nnie said...

OMG that is SOOO funny, Shannon. What a great post. Funny and really sweet. And I can vouch for the swimming. :-)

Kim said...

What a crack up!! Purple brings out his green eyes!

Craig said...

Glad to be entertaining to your blog-world Honey! I'm getting over it, I know you're just having fun, no disrespect was intended.

Right? [c;

Captains can have fragile egos sometimes you know. For your readers, the snuggie is actually a bust. Although its warm, its a static electricity magnet, and it only half wraps with no belt. Old fashioned blankets are still better.

And I'm still a swimmer, at heart at least (wasn't good enough to do anything else). At least my 'speedo' wasn't on display!

Baloney said...

Not only does he have a Snuggie, but he hangs it in the closet. This makes him marriage material. My husband hasn't figured out what hangers are for.