Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yup, we're eleven days into the new year and I am now professing my resolutions - well one resolution in particular.  I'll have to admit this resolution has been on my to-do list for many years.  You got it - I need to lose some weight.  Need to get me some healthy in my life. And how.

I have always enjoyed food.  It's a family tradition.  My grandmother ran a restaurant and worked in food service for most of her life and our family did likewise - my mom still does.  My grandma's chocolate whipped cream roll is to absolutely die for as is my mother's banana cream pie.  I have a weakness for baked goods and sweets and it shows. Alot. It mostly shows up in a large, roly-poly tire around my middle.

So like a pendulum (tire swing swinging back and forth?) I would go on a very strict diet, lose a good amount of weight, go off my very strict diet and gain it all back again just as fast as I lost it.  Very frustrating. Humiliating. Depressing.  Making me feel like a failure every single time. 

Now, I am a cardiac rehab nurse, and more recently have become a diabetes education coordinator.  I know what I should do. I tell people what they should do. I teach classes on the subject for heaven's sake. I know what all this extra weight can lead to.  Somewhere there seems to be a little gigantour disconnect between my mind and my stomach.  The stomach wants what the stomach wants - or so it thinks.

So, one night doing the leap-blogging thing, I found this site.  I wasn't really looking for weight loss motivation, but her button caught my eye (taking the crap out of scrapbooking) on some other blog I was checking out, and, click, I was sucked  into reading Cathy's own inspiring weight loss story which she had dubbed Move More, Eat Less.  Now that I can do. (How crazy is that! How about giving moderation a try!) She has a nifty little journal you can  purchase and download to track your progress. I also signed up for Weight Watchers online. Been there. Done that. Did lose.  Have to admit to being a little impressed by the whole Jennifer Hudson story too.  Does she look great or what?

I also read a WW success story in which a member said it only took her "x" many weeks to lose the weight, but 10 years to learn how to do it. I am chalking up those other "failures" to learning opportunites. I've read if you tell people your goals you are more likely to succeed.  So might as well tell the whole darn internet and go from there. The deets:

1. Post my monthly MMEL results to my blog.
2. Run the Tulip Festival 5K - no walking this time.
3. Give up my *shudder* quiver* gnashing teeth* Dt. Dr. Pepper.  I don't know when, where or how soon, but it needs to be done.

So there. Here's to healthy in 2011!!


@nnie said...

You go girl!!!!

I gave up Pepsi and Diet Pepsi at Thanksgiving. The first couple of weeks were hell. Then the second couple of weeks were still hard. Six weeks later I was still craving. But then, it happened, (it's happened before at other points in my life), I DON'T LONG FOR MY DAILY POP FIX ANYMORE. God willing, I am going to keep it up. Now to get rid of my daily sugar fix. How did I do it? I told pop, "I don't need you." "You don't control me." And then I KEPT telling pop that until it believed me. I'll be praying for you. I do think there is a battle there. Cause I've experienced it and am experiencing it. Hugs!

Baloney said...

Best of luck to you Shannon!! I love food and struggle with limiting myself and choosing the healthy stuff.

Craig said...

Best wishes to you for permanent loss Honey! Er, I mean permanent gain-in a good way! Hard when I'm gone, but I'll try to support you at both times. Prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shannon...I can relate! Honestly even when it comes to my own having diabetes I feel ilke I can teach everyone better than I can balance my own "disease". I know everything to do, yet sometimes ...especially when life gets so busy, we definitely are the first to take the back burner...Here's to making sure that doesn't happen (as often) this year!