Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Man of the House

The Captain has been gone quite a bit.  Harry knows this and has been secretly trying to usurp the Captain's positon as man of the house.  He has an agenda. I can tell. We have two comfy chairs facing our fireplace.  The recliner has been dubbed mine, and that is usually where you can find me winding down in the evenings over a game of Bejeweled Blitz. Harry also know this.  While I am furiously cursing the Bejeweled Blitz man-voice who is being very stingy with his "specTACulars", Harry quickly jumps into the other chair.  The arms on that chair are just high enough so that if he hides in the far corner, I can't even see him from my chair. By the time my minute is up, I may have forgotten I even have a dog. Very sneaky.

Now Harry has learned  not to try this when the Captain is home. He understands the inherent risk of being drop kicked into Cowboy's front yard. He tries.  He is my protector.  Ever vigilant in the face of danger.  A canine force of nature.  


Yeah, but then he gives me a look like this and I'm pretty much done.  I do give him a fairly stern "wait 'til your Father gets home",  to which Harry responds with this.

Yeah, that left a big impression.  I can tell. 

Dog for sale. Cheap.


@nnie said...

great new blog look! and oh, a great looking dog too. I heard once that dogs view everyone in their household on a ladder of importance. just wondering who's at the top of Harry's ladder? In our house, Ellie tops Wilson's ladder. He does exactly as she says. Funny!

Baloney said...

Thats a cute pup. Maybe throw a blanket on the chair for him to make a him a little more comfortable. It's all about him. :)